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-How to book the Photobooth:
To inquire about our booth, click on "Book Booth Now" on top of website page & fill out the form details about your upcoming event. Once we have all the info, I will personally reach out to you to customize your experience or answer any questions you might have.


-Does the booth require a power outlet?
Yes our booth requires 110-120 volts of power from a 3 prong, basic electrical outlet. Just one power adapter to plug in and we are ready to capture it all!


-where in Florida do you serve?
all PINellas & Tampa

-Does the booth require wi-fi?
no, the booth does not require wi-fi. We are still able to collect data & send without any connection to the internet. The only catch is that the pictures will send later once the booth is connected back up to WiFi just after event. Content will be sent within 24 hours of your big day.

-how much space is needed for the booth?
We require at least a 10’ x 10‘ area with a backdrop. If you are having an event that does not require one of our backdrops, we can work with you on space. THe booth is very versatile. If you require props for your event-a props table will be provided any where from 4-6ft in length. (Black table cover provided- inquire for options*)

-is set up/take down time included?
i will be at your event over an hour early to prepare & set up to start right on time. For example: if your event is at 6pm, i will arrive just before 5pm and your booth will start at 6pm. i am the friend who is always early.

What is video confessional booth?
Think- Bravo’s “Real Housewives” Confessional style video for your event. Or maybe you want your guests to leave a special message to look back on forever. Videos can record up to 120 seconds each.

What is a virtual photobooth?
Virtual Booth works from any device and there's no need for guests to download any apps. It just works! your guests will be given a link or scan a QR code to start & Take a photo using your custom event overlay & filters.

What is a photo overlay?
A photo overlay is a template that is tailored to your party theme to create a beautifully branded experience. No matter the event, we can customize an aesthetic to fit your needs.
Example: your name and date of event with a logo or image placed as a frame/filter. (EXAMPLE BELOW)

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